Policy BEA: School Committee Meetings

The School Committees will transact all business at official meetingsof the Committee. These may be either regular or special meetings,defined as follows:

1. Regular meeting: the usual official legal action meeting, held regularly

2. Special meeting: an official legal action meeting called between scheduled regular meetings to
consider specific topics.

Every meeting of the School Committee, regular or special, will beopen to the public unless an executive session is held in accordancewith the state law. (See Policy BEC )

Regular School Committee meetings generally will be scheduled asevening meetings. Each summer, a schedule of the regular meetings forthe following year will be approved by the Committee.

All Committee decisions on information or formal recommendations willonly be made in regularly scheduled open session, except for mattersappropriately made in executive session.

In arriving at its decisions, the Committee shall seek informationand recommendations from the Superintendent (who serves as chief advisorto the Committee) and other persons and groups it deems appropriate.

Committee business will be conducted with the intent of, adjourning ameeting no later than two and one-half hours after it was called toorder. A meeting may be extended beyond two and one-half hours bymajority vote of those present in favor of a motion to continue themeeting for each additional half hour. During a meeting, the Chair isempowered to limit discussion and to remind participants of the timerestraints on any item.


MGL 30A:18 , 30A:20, 30A:21, 30A:22, 30A:23


Policy BEC

Region Voted to Approve: 11/25/08
Amherst Voted to Approve: 12/9/08
Pelham Voted to Approve: 12/4/08
Effective Date: 12/9/08